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Love is interesting
As well as irritating
I have come to a realization
My feelings of hesitation have come to a Halt
That my words speak from my heart
If I ever spoke these words to you
I most likely would regurgitate
For goodness sakes I have never even went on a date
somehow I find confidence and strength when I type
My feelings are extremely genuine
I find that you are a true gentlemen
There is no way possible I could lie
As we engage looks
every time I sigh
My love for you I find is unreal
Stealing your heart is my ambition
Every word that you speak sounds like lyrics from a musician
Every note is a new trait I love about you
And every harmony makes my heart hop
From your judgment you might say
I am under a spell and he is the magician
From my view I am just head over heels for this boy
But from him Still; no recognition

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